Derby Folk Festival Sunday 8th Oct


I am thrilled to announce I will be playing Derby Folk Festival at the Old Bell Saddler Gate Derby. On stage around 16:20


See you there

Abbey Road


I am excited to announce that I will be recording two tracks in the greatest recording studio in history, Abbey Road, in November.  The songs will be released as a 7" single only to be bought at gigs.  The songs are titled "Family" and "Feel What I Feel"

Excited isnt the word!!!!!

Albums that have influenced me

In no particular order

1: De ja vu - Crosby Stills Nash &Young - My dad played this album almost every weekend on vynil when I was little and it just used to suck me in

2: Paranoid - Black Sabbath - Another album played constantly in my house when I was a boy.  Again this album used to take me to places TV never could

3: Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son - Can I Play With Madness was the track that made me want to play guitar, I made my dad take me to woolworths to get this single and I played it to death

4: Red and…Read more

Hotel Studio

I have written a new song, "When You Dont Love Your Man".  I have decided to record this song on the road in different hotel rooms around the country.  I have no idea which hotel is going to let me record the drums.

I will probably record this on video and release it at some point, it may even make the the album.

Stay tuned

My top 10 (ish) fave albums

In no particular order

1: The Sun Is Often Out - Long Pigs
2: Ashes & Fire -Ryan Adams (or Prisoner/Ryan Adams/Cold Roses)
3: Silent Alarm - Bloc Party
4: Deja vu - CSNY
5: 30 Days Out - Montrose Avenue
6: Harrow & the Harvest - Gillian Welch
7: Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son - Iron Maiden
8: Long Gone Before Daylight - Cardigans
9: Rockin The Suburbs - Ben Folds
10: Vs - Pearl Jam
Any of the albums below could easily be in the top ten

11: Benjamin Booker - Benjamin Booker
12: For Everyman…Read more

Welcome (progress report)

Hello all who are lucky enough to find this site, all questions will be answered and all answers shall be revealed.

Not really, its just my blog.

For anyone out there that has followed my musical incarnations this is where you will hear all of my new tunes and read my musings.

As you may well be aware by now, I have a new album on the horizon, its title is "First Ray Of Light".  It is a collection of songs that were written specifically for this album apart from one track written with two of my greatest…Read more