J R Harbidge currently resides in Derby UK and is working on his solo debut album "First Ray Of Light".  Musically the album tips its hat to a lot of the great American arists like Jackson Browne, Ryan Adams, Bob Dylan, Crosby Stills & Nash, Neil Young,  The Band and there is also a beatles influence running through the songs.  Lyrically the album contains some protest songs, inspirational themes and of course the odd relationship song.

J R Harbidge has had a full and interesting musical career to date.  James has had over 1 million streams/views of his music  and his career has covered many genres.  One of the highlights of his career was when Harley Davidson heard "Resistance Is Futile" by Third Bullet, a band James is very proud of, and wanted to use the song in a world wide advertising campaign
The band were also commissioned by a UFC team to write a song for one of their fighters, Relentless Paul Taylor, needless to say the song was titled "Relentless" and would be played at all of his fights.

Another highlight in the varied career of J R Harbidge was being asked to run The Twangs recording studio in Birmingham where he recorded many great Birmingham bands and engineered JAWS' debut album "Be Slowly" that charted in September 2014

Stop The War Coalition used J R Harbidge song "I Wont Support Your Wars" as anti war song of the week.  The song will be included on the album.

When work on the album is complete J R Harbidge is planning a tour and to commence recording of his second album.  

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